Spring Energy

If you live in a place with four seasons, you may have noticed there’s an energetic shift between seasons. It’s true that each season begins with an actual date on the calendar, but I never wake up in the morning with a “Hey, it’s spring/summer/fall/winter!” vibe. It’s a process. A transition.

As I write this, I feeeeeel spring energy waking up in my brain and it’s actually not comfortable being frenetic, scatter-brained, busy-body, and all-over-the-place as I come out of that wintry state of being (you know … slower-paced, bundled up, craving creature comforts, etc). 

Just like the soil in my flower beds, my mind feels a bit muddy and muddled every March. I have a lot of great ideas, but my ability to focus is off balance. I have extra physical energy, but trying to decide what to do with it is overwhelming. 

This is a familiar annual process for me (I might not be the only one. Do you feel it, too?) so instead of trying to figure it out or fix it, I’m learning to simply embrace it. Every March, there will be a period of March Madness and that’s okay. 

So, today, I’m choosing to ignore that pile of paperwork and tuck away this to-do list. If you need me, I’ll be outside in the sunshine, pulling dead leaves out of my flower pots and running my fingers over soft green things that hold the promise of a beautiful season called spring.

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