Let's Breathe Yoga

Are you ready for a unique yoga experience? 
Meet Lori, your creative, light-hearted, supportive yoga guide. 
Gentle Yoga for EVERYBODY!
Tuesday 8-8:45am EST (Zoom)
Wednesday 7:15pm EST (in-person or Zoom)
Friday 10:00-10:45am EST (Zoom)
Saturday 9:45am EST (in-person or Zoom)

Meet Lori

"Even though I know how much better I feel when I do yoga consistently, I have never stuck with it until now. Signing up and paying for a class ahead of time and knowing that Lori is expecting me to be there makes a huge difference in my commitment level." ~Heather Fillmore

My Journey

The first time I planted my bare toes on a mat was as a busy/tired Mom in 2003. 

My first hour of yoga changed my life

In 2020, when my dental hygiene career was put on "PAUSE" due to the pandemic, I had the blessed opportunity to certify as an RYT-200 yoga teacher. Now, I am living my dream.

I hold space in my heart and in my studio for any and all who are ready to 

change & grow.


Nothing thrills me more than to see one of my students take a big beautiful breath. 
Okay, I take that back. I'm even more thrilled when a student returns to their mat often enough to experience 
*breath + mindful movement = miracles* 

We need calm and encouraging voices in our lives.
Yoga is "practice" and, in my most calm and encouraging voice, I invite you to practice.
Are you ready?
Allow your shoulders soften away from your ears, bring fresh oxygen in through your nose, let it swirl around inside of you, 
then relax and let it go. 
Megg's Experience:
"It's lovely to take a class from you. Not only because I enjoy your style and appreciate your cues and really like the poses you're putting together, but because it's you!"
Sydnee's Experience:
"I’m pretty particular about yoga instructors, and let me say LORI IS INCREDIBLE!!! I feel great! She took my requests, experience, and body into consideration. I hope she teaches virtually forever!" 
Yoga for dental peeps
Dr D's Experience:
"Take the time to make your soul happy! Lori has a passion for healthy lifestyle and ergonomics. This class stretches and strengthens the postural muscles of dentistry and helps me practice breathing so I'm more relaxed when I add layers of PPE."
Linda's Experience:
"That was amazing! During shavasana, I felt my shoulder pain begin to leave ... it was almost like I was watching it float away from my body, like a cloud. I can't believe it. During the day, I continued to feel relief.  I was able to get laundry done, grocery shopping and hug the grandkids without the intense pain. WOW!!!